Coaching, Consultation & Presentations

Coaching or counseling?

Coaching is like a broad multi-tool.  It encompasses a lot and is used to achieve a specific goal(s).  Due to the range of applications coaching is used in many capacities!

The difference between coaching and counseling is an important distinction to make. In counseling, coaching may be used as a tool. In coaching, therapy is not used as a tool.

Therapy is a good fit for someone who experiences bothersome, disruptive or distressing symptoms that indicate the need for a diagnosis; in therapy someone learns skills to address symptoms of the diagnosis, addresses the "why", does "healing" work, and processes emotional content. Counseling is a field which requires licensure and has strict standards, including confidentiality and medical record keeping. 

Coaching is a good fit for someone that either has no diagnosable symptoms or has a diagnosis and their symptoms are well controlled, they are looking for the "how" of achieving their aspirations, and though healing is a continuous process they feel grounded enough in the present moment to focus on their forward momentum.  Coaching as a profession does not require licensure or credentialing (though many hold certifications, degrees, and other expertise), and though there are standards there are no confidentiality requirements.  The overlap is in the area of creating specific goals, tracking progress, learning new skills, and having a nonjudgmental companion in your journey. 

Medicine Within offers coaching to folx who are Queer (LGBTQPIA2S+) and active allies.    

Coaching can also be scheduled for an individual or a unit of 2-4. 

Cost of coaching:

$125.00 - 200.00 per 90 minute session

Availability is limited. To inquire about coaching services  use the Inquiry Form.

Group Learning Facilitation

This covers group experiences such as presentations and workshops! 

Medicine Within facilitates virtual presentations and workshops to groups, organizations, companies who are looking to gain information and tangible action steps to take towards affirmative inclusion of gender expansive and diverse people. We co-create workshops on a number of topics ranging from trans 101, nonbinary inclusion in the work/volunteer space, self care for gender expansive folx, and more!    

Cost varies depending on the amount of time reserved, fee is approximately $400 per presentation hour with. Equity pricing available for nonprofits and grass roots groups upon request.

3 week minimum advance scheduling is required.

To experience a group learning facilitation use the Inquiry Form.

Consult a Queer Peer

Looking for a fellow therapist that works with gender expansive and Queer clients to consult about how to best support your clients?

Talk to a peer who has lived experience going through medical transition and supports clients through their gender and sexuality journeys. Steph (they/them) began their never ending gender and sexuality journey as a teen, and has worked exclusively with gender expansive and queer clients since 2018. 

Let's talk through complex issues and clarify best practices to ensure our community is receiving the quality care we need!

Consultations are typically 30 to 45 minutes long, however may last longer.

Consultation fee scale: 

General cost:  $50-100

Equity cost:  $$35-49

Abundance cost:  $101-125

To inquire about consultation services use the Inquiry Form.


"I am part of the LGBTQ+ resource group at my company and we recently held an event to educate our colleagues on what gender non-binary means and how to be an effective ally to the non-binary community. My personal favorite part of the presentation was how Steph incorporated images and quotes from many non-binary people to represent the voices of the community and help our employees understand that there is no singular definition for what non-binary is or looks like.  We had very positive feedback from the presentation; we received thanks from colleagues who reached out to share what they had learned from Steph that they didn’t previously know, we shared the recorded presentation with our executive team who asked us for information on personal pronoun usage so they could better address some of our colleagues, and we even had an employee ask to share the recording with some family members because she felt they would benefit from Steph’s presentation."  

Diversity & Inclusion Specialist, 2020